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ProfileIDX is an IDX system designed by Profile Your City, Inc. We at Profile Your City, inc have been producing real estate websites for over 10 years. As the technology has changed we have changed with it. Currently we partner up with some great IDX companies and have had great success integrating these IDX systems into our real estate website. 

These systems have given us many tools to help our REALTORS® build their real estate business. Always wanting to have the best tools and have the most powerful real estate websites we are always looking to improve our products.

Introducing ProfileIDX our in house custom designed real estate IDX system. With our own system we can taylor our products to match exactly what our users need and want. We have always listened and now we are proud to launch our own IDX system. 

Please check back to see how we are growing and performing for our real estate website clients.

By Jeffrey Buck


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Published on  October 5th, 2012